Hand-arm Vibration: Risks & Controls

· August 28, 2020

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Hand-arm Vibration: Risks and Controls
This online training showcases the importance of knowing the risks of exposure to hand-arm vibration, its health effects, and what you can do to control those risks. Complete this course to learn more about safe working with hand-arm vibration.

Who should attend?
  • Any worker working in construction, manufacturing, maintenance, and jobs that involve the usage of hand-held power tools
  • Occupational Safety and Health professionals
  • Occupational health nurses and doctors
  • Supervisors or managers
  • Anyone who is interested in studying about health effects of hand-arm vibration
Key benefits of completing this Hand-arm Vibration course:
  • Know about the main causes and health effects of hand-arm vibration
  • Learn about the importance of Hand-arm vibration exposure limits
  • Understand your responsibilities towards yourself and others
  • Be able to work safely and do what is needed to control the risks of hand-arm vibration
  • Have fun through interactive course videos and enjoy our social learning platform
  • You’ll be able to print your official certificate of completion from Trainovate TM once done.
Course Delivery and Contents:
  • E-learning videos/lessons
  • Text content
  • Course quiz
  • Ability to contact course tutor
Course time:
This course can be completed within two hours which includes six (6) lesson video presentations + Reading text + Self Study + Short quiz

Access and expiration:
You will have access for one month from the time of registration.

In any case that the payment is already made and under unexpected circumstances that you were not be able to attend the course, kindly be advised that payment is non-refundable.
Source: Hand-arm vibration information from the UK Health & Safety Executive references.
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Course Includes

  • 6 Lessons
  • 1 Quiz
  • Course Certificate

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Renz Espino
Posted 1 year ago
Effects of vibration to the human body

I like this lesson. Very informative!

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Arianne Rose H. Orca, RN
Posted 3 years ago
Easy to learn and understand

This e-learning course is very informative and easily understand (with or without experience). This course covers all the information that you should know regarding HAVS and responsibilities of the employers and all the employees.

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