Infection Control

· December 5, 2021

This online training in infection control at work is designed to provide you with the essential knowledge on how to minimize the risk of infection spreading at your workplace.

In this infection control eLearning course you will learn about the links of the chain of infection, how germs are commonly transmitted and what can be done to break the chain and minimize the risk of spreading infection. 

The course is designed to help you implement infection control standard precautions and integrate these with other recommendations based on international safety management standards such as the ISO 45001 and 45005.

Complete this infection control eLearning course today and get your internationally recognized CPD certificate from Trainovate.

Who should attend this Infection Control training?

  • Healthcare providers
  • Hotel and school workers
  • Social service staff
  • Lab personnel 
  • Sewage processing workers
  • Local government services (street cleaning, park maintenance, public lavatory maintenance, etc.).
  • Health & safety professionals including consultants and auditors
  • All managers and supervisors including project managers

Key benefits of completing the Infection Control course:

  • Understand the chain of infection and how germs are transmitted
  • Play a role in breaking the chain of infection at work
  • Contribute effectively to your safety and the safety of those around you
  • Minimize business interruptions due to outbreaks
  • Improve health & safety in your workplace
  • Gain an industry level of knowledge and boost your CV
  • Get a UK CPD recognized certificate in infection control

Certificate and CPD:

You’ll be able to print your digital certificate of completion from Trainovate™, with CPD, once you’ve completed the eLearning course.

Course Delivery and Contents:

  • eLearning videos/lessons
  • Text content
  • Activities
  • Course quiz
  • Self-study time
  • Tutor support available 

Course Duration, Access and Expiration:

This Infection Control online training is designed to be completed within 8 hours (one day), but you will get 3 months of full access to the course.

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Course Includes

  • 23 Lessons
  • 6 Quizzes
  • Course Certificate

Ratings and Reviews

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John Tulipas
Posted 1 year ago
Very informative and interactive e-learning program, that enable learners to understand clearly the topics.

This infection control training is worth recommending and very useful to practice not only in the workplace but at home and in daily work activities. Trainovate created a learning pace that is interactive and easy to understand video presentation and supported with text that is very useful for taking notes of the training lessons.

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Cristopher Vistal
Posted 2 years ago


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