ISO 45005: COVID-19 at Work

· June 16, 2021

ISO/PAS 45005 Occupational Health and Safety management — General Guidelines for Safe Working during the COVID-19 Pandemic Awareness Training

This ISO/PAS 45005 online course on the General Guidelines for Safe Working during the COVID-19 Pandemic provides you with the basic framework on how your organization can take effective actions to protect your workers and other interested parties from the risks related to COVID-19, whether you are operating during the pandemic or resuming work after quarantine. ISO 45005 Awareness eLearning course addresses safe working practices to manage the health and safety of workers and stakeholders during the COVID-19 pandemic complementing any existing national guidelines or regulations of your country related to COVID-19. Those who are already certified or working in compliance with ISO 45001 on Occupational Safety and Health Management System may find the ISO/PAS 45005 an integral part of their new normal practices in the workplace during and after this pandemic.

Complete this ISO/PAS 45005 Awareness training today and get your internationally recognized CPD certificate.

Who should attend this this ISO 45005 Awareness Training?

● Safety professionals
● Company doctors & nurses
● All managers & supervisors
● HSE auditors & inspectors
● HSE trainers & consultants
● Regulators & front liners
● Compliance managers
● All industries implementing ISO 45001

Key benefits of completing the ISO/PAS 45005 Awareness Training:

● Safer work practices during the pandemic
● Safe return to work operations after quarantine
● Reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19 by implementing ISO 45005 requirements
● Understand how COVID-19 vaccines work and their benefits
● Strengthen your existing safety management system by integrating ISO 45005
● Study at your own pace anytime anywhere with tutor support

Certificate and CPD:

You’ll be able to print your digital certificate of completion from Trainovate™, with CPD, once you’ve completed the ISO/PAS 45005 awareness training course.

Course Delivery and Contents:

E-learning videos/lessons
Text content
Course quiz
Self-study time
Ability to contact course tutor

Course Duration, Access and Expiration:

This ISO/PAS 45005 Awareness Training online course is designed to be completed within 8 hours (one day), but you will get 3 months of full access to the course.

In any case that the payment is already made and under unexpected circumstances that you were not be able to attend the course, kindly be advised that payment is non-refundable.

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Course Includes

  • 26 Lessons
  • 3 Quizzes
  • Course Certificate

Ratings and Reviews

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4 Ratings
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Ma. Erika Carapatan
Posted 2 weeks ago
A very useful knowledge

Since we are in a pandemic period this training is a big help in all workplaces. In general we will use this to our overall resources.

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Ricky Lantin
Posted 1 month ago
Very Informative course

This would be very timely as all aspects of this course is applicable in all workplaces, given the present Pandemic. It would be up to the participant to adapt to the various examples discussed and implement this in whatever workplace setting he is assigned to. Thanks to my idol in training Doc SAM!

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