NEBOSH IG1 Element 1: Why Manage Workplace Health & Safety

· January 5, 2021

Note: Students must complete all NEBOSH IGC elements in full to be able to register for the exam. This is only one individual element and does not qualify you for exam registration.

In this element, the learner will be able to:
  • Justify health and safety improvements using moral, financial and legal arguments.
  • Advise on the main duties for health and safety in the workplace and help their organisation manage contractors
Assessment Criteria for NEBOSH IG1 Element 1:
  • Discuss the moral, financial and legal reasons for managing health and safety in the workplace
  • Explain how health and safety is regulated and the consequences of noncompliance
  • Summarise the main health and safety duties of different groups of people at work
  • Explain how contractors should be selected, monitored and managed
Total number of lessons: 5

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The recommended tuition hours for NEBOSH IG1 Element 1 is three (3) hours, but you will get 1 month of full access to the course.

In any case that the payment is already made and under unexpected circumstances that you were not be able to attend the course, kindly be advised that payment is non-refundable.
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Course Includes

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  • 5 Topics
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Posted 2 weeks ago
NEBOSH review

Excellent kind of strategy of reviewing which is a combination of video and book type system. I immediately recognized those important areas where to focus and need to understand properly.

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Keith Oliver Legaspi
Posted 2 weeks ago
Manage workplace health and safety

I like this course because they manage to give me a verry well said information about manage workplace health and safety and i realy understand now what moral reason and financial is and how it will provide a good health and safe workplace on the company and a lot more i understand now what ILO means and what employers and employees must do to apply health and safety workplace.

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