NEBOSH IG1 Element 3: Managing Risk

· January 6, 2021

NEBOSH IG1 Element 3: Managing Risk – Understanding People & Processes

Note: Students must complete all NEBOSH IGC elements in full to be able to register for the exam. This is only one individual element and does not qualify you for exam registration.

In this element, the learner will be able to:
  • Positively influence health and safety culture and behaviour to improve performance in their organisation.
  • Do a general risk assessment in their own workplace – profiling and prioritising risks, inspecting the workplace, recognising a range of common hazards, evaluating risks (taking account of current controls), recommending further control measures, planning actions
  • Recognise workplace changes that have significant health and safety impacts and effective ways to minimise those impacts
  • Develop basic safe systems of work (including taking account of typical emergencies) and knowing when to use permit-to-work systems for special risks
Assessment Criteria for NEBOSH IG1 Element 3:
  • Explain the principles of the risk assessment process
  • Produce a risk assessment of a workplace which considers a wide range of identified hazards (drawn from elements 5 – 11) and meets best practice standards (‘suitable and sufficient’)
  • Discuss typical workplace changes that have significant health and safety impacts and ways to minimise those impacts
  • Describe what to consider when developing and implementing a safe system of work for general activities
  • Explain the role, function and operation of a permit-to-work system
  • Discuss typical emergency procedures (including training and testing) and how to decide what level of first aid is needed in the workplace
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IGC 1 Element 3

In this course, I've learned a lot and enhanced my knowledge across all subjects in this element that I can apply in my current assignment.

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