Permit to Work & Lock Out Tag Out

· November 26, 2020

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This online training course in Permit To Work (PTW) and Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) safety procedures is designed to provide you with the essential knowledge needed for implementing these critical safety precautions.

In this Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) and Permit To Work e-learning program, you will learn how to prepare for issuing a safety Permit To Work (PTW) for different types of tasks, the elements involved in PTW operation, the process flow, control measures, emergency response and all the essential basics you need to know about the Permit To Work, Lock Out Tag out and energy isolation procedures from start to finish. These are in fact 2 very important and interrelated courses combined together.

Complete this online PTW and LOTO training today and get your internationally recognized CPD certificate.

Who should attend this Permit To Work Training?

Field managers and supervisors
Health & Safety professionals at all levels
Oil and gas workers (onshore/offshore)
Safety auditors and inspectors
Workers in any chemical processing industry
Power plants and high voltage workers
Construction supervisors and contractors
Maintenance personnel

Key benefits of completing the Permit To Work Training:

Understand the need for Permit To Work and LOTO
Learn how to prepare for PTW
Identify different types of Permit To Work
Become more confident about PTW roles and responsibilities
Be able to assist in the PTW process from start to finish
Carry out your role in energy isolation and Lock Out Tag Out
Prevent accidents resulting from accidental release of energy
Achieve a safer workplace and contribute to accident prevention
Satisfy employers’ PTW and LOTO training requirements
Have an additional safety training certificate for an impressive resume
Get a UK CPD recognized certificate in Lock Out Tag Out and PTW

Certificate and CPD:

You’ll be able to print your digital certificate of completion from Trainovate™, with CPD, once you’ve completed the Permit to Work and LOTO course.

Course Delivery and Contents:

E-learning videos/lessons
Text content
Course quiz
Self-study time
Ability to contact course tutor

Course Duration, Access and Expiration:

This Lock Out Tag Out and Permit To Work online course is designed to be completed within 8 hours (one day), but you will get 3 months of full access to the course.

In any case that the payment is already made and under unexpected circumstances that you were not be able to attend the course, kindly be advised that payment is non-refundable.
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Course Includes

  • 3 Lessons
  • 15 Topics
  • 3 Quizzes
  • Course Certificate

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Posted 8 months ago

It's very helpful, thank you😊

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Abraham Djedje
Posted 10 months ago
Quality of courses

The quality of information you can get in this PTW&LOTO course on trainovate is amazing. salamat

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