Mini MBA Vs. Traditional Business School Degree

Mini MBA Vs. Traditional Business School Degree

How Does the Mini-MBA Course Compare to a Traditional Business School Program?

30 years ago, getting an MBA was the best way to guarantee success in the business world. The corporate landscape is much more complicated in 2021. While companies are still hiring MBAs to run their organizations, there are many other ways to achieve a high-level position in the business world. Getting an MBA does not guarantee an executive position anymore, and the investment is much higher today than it was a few decades ago.

A traditional MBA Doesn’t Guarantee Success

The rate of employment in graduating MBA classes is on the decline. Even Harvard and Stanford saw an employment rate of only 67% and 77%. These two institutions are among the most prestigious and expensive business programs in the world. The employment rate at Universities that don’t have the reputations of Harvard and Stanford see an even lower employment rate.

The Dropout Rate is Rising

Online MBA courses are experiencing a completion rate of 63%. Students are finding that a future in the corporate world isn’t for them, leaving the student in debt without a degree.

The Mini MBA eLearning Course

At Trainovate we summarize the key areas of focus from the traditional business school curriculum such as business management, leadership skills, human resources management, sales, marketing, accounting and bookkeeping and deliver them to you at a fraction of the price. Our online Mini MBA course offers the insights necessary to succeed without putting students into of thousands of dollars in debt. Because eLearning courses are easily accessible, our students consist of business owners, aspiring managers, current department heads, and future entrepreneurs.

The 100% online Mini MBA course teaches students the necessary skills to operate a day-to-day business. Learn how to create a productive work environment and get the most out of your existing or future team.

Business Management

The Mini MBA eLearning course focuses on the attributes needed to become a successful leader. Business management is not just about hitting sales projections; you must learn how to engage with employees on a personal level. Great leaders are remembered for the deals they make as well as the one-on-one connections that are formed with members of their team.

Human Resources Management

HR is a growing industry that is essential to all corporations. We cover the basic skills needed to understand what it takes to head a successful human resources department. The ability to cater to your employees’ needs is challenging as remote work increases. Our course will give you guidance in navigating the new virtual business world.

Introduction to Business School



Enrolling in a business school is a major commitment. You are not only going to have to pay upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars, but you will be placed on a trajectory that will determine your life for the next couple of decades.

Trainovate’s Mini MBA eLearning program gives students a glimpse of what they could expect from a 2-year program. We cover the essential core topics from MBA programs, students can take our course with a small investment of money and time to determine if a traditional program is right for them.

In 2021, many students are unsure if they are suitable to take online courses. Before enrolling in an online MBA program, we suggest trying virtual classes that are less expensive.

How Our Mini MBA Compares to Business School?


Mini MBA Vs. Traditional Business School Degree


While our Mini MBA covers the core principles of business school, it isn’t as extensive as a full-length MBA course. We still believe it can provide tremendous value to those interested in starting a company or take on a management role.


Our Mini MBA program is a minuscule investment compared to traditional business schools.


The online lessons are designed to condense as much information as possible into easily digestible courses.

Core Principals

At a fraction of the cost and not nearly the time commitment, students receive an overview of what they could expect from a 2-year program.

Who Can Benefit from the Mini-MBA Course

Online and eLearning courses allow anyone the freedom to consume valuable information on their time. Whether you are thinking about going to college, starting a business, or looking to advance in your existing company, Trainovate’s platform allows students to learn business management skills when they are available.

Business Owners

Successful managers and business owners are always learning and perfecting their craft. No one is above consuming new information and evolving their understanding of business.

Business owners can also benefit from Trainovate’s Mini MBA eLearning course by purchasing it for their employees.

Aspiring Managers

Many eLearning students use our platform to progress in their existing organization. The skills taught in our online Mini-MBA course can give employees the knowledge and insights to take advantage of opportunities to grow with their current employer.


Starting a business is challenging especially for first-time entrepreneurs. Trainovate courses give future business owners invaluable information from experts that have already run successful organizations.


Shifting Business Culture

Getting an MBA is still a worthy investment for many looking for a future executive position. However, the amount of MBA’s in corporations is declining while the cost of a degree is increasing. Less than half of the top 30 Fortune 500 companies have a CEO with an MBA.

Before investing years of your life and tens of thousands of dollars, get a feel for the coursework with our online Mini MBA program.

Why Choose the online Mini-MBA Course from Trainovate?

Trainovate’s platform allows a student to choose from a variety of CPD accredited courses that keep individuals, organizations, and industries up to date. The self-service platform offers an extensive array of subject manners for every industry. We offer online courses in marketing, sales, management system auditing, and more at Trainovate. With affordable prices, students can continue fine-tuning their professional skills after their course is over.

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