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24 reviews for NEBOSH IGC

  1. Benjie Lee

    Excellent course to obtain. I wish to attain this certificate to include in my qualifications.

  2. Eufemio M. Taruc Jr

    Superb training materials and coaches. I Salute to trainovate management for a job well done.

  3. Deleted User

    Top notch training videos and learning materials at the comfort and safety of your home. Highly recommended especially in these trying times. E-learning will be highly beneficial for expats with limited access to classroom based training centers and to those who are still in quarantined provinces. Learn without the time pressure and take the exam once you are fully prepared. Kudos Trainovate!

  4. Eddie Fabros (verified owner)

    Excellent course. Useful in management system .

  5. Ericson Osorio

    I found this course to be more convenient and easy to learn through e-learning method. When this opportunity comes! Grab it! Thanks Trainovate Good Job!

  6. Tirso De Sagun (verified owner)

    Excellent job & genius idea by trainovate team for this Nebosh e-learning, thank you for the opportunity! God bless!

  7. Adrian Rocido

    Great learning tool. I’m glad that i decided to take this e-learning. I can spend my time wisely and productive, especially on this kind of situation. It is very highly recommended to have this kind of learning even in the coming new normal. Kudos to the developer and provider. Thanks as well, it’s a great help for me.

  8. Ismael Eslabon Jr

    I have great learning experience. Well organized training modules and the trainer is doing an excellent job communicating valuable information regarding the subject matters of the course. Highly recommended training institution for aspiring safety practitioners like me.. Thank you Trainovate.

  9. Ross Guevarra

    Well constructed and presented training which is very convenient to study especially for those that have work.
    Keep it up for bringing more means to learn and grow more through e-learning.
    Thank you and thumbs up to the whole Trainovate Team.

  10. John

    It’s the Best time to have this course in terms of Price, accessibility and Quality.
    Well done Trainovate!!! I look forward in getting future trainings with you soon.

  11. Eddie Fabros (verified owner)

    Big yes for this training. Very presentable, and friendly & easy to follow instructions. It gives more knowledge in safety management system. Thnx for this E-learning with no destruction during my work on site.

  12. Jero Herrera (verified owner)

    Two thumps up for the trainers and for the whole Trainovate for giving the participants the freedom to study while at work or at home. The modules are pack with great knowledge that are so helpful for us young safety practitioners. Great work and God bless Trainovate!

  13. Ross Guevarra

    After I have completed the whole course, I’m proud to say that I’m more confident on how to handle my work and be able to apply what I have learned. This course also makes a good reference due to accessibility and supplementary means for my work for the quality of information it have. Kudos and thank you for Trainovate Team for an excellent program and their initiative to innovate other way for people can learn and grow more on the field of HSE.

  14. Sydney Patrick Ragay (verified owner)

    I truly appreciate what Trainovate has done. I personally would recommend this company for they gave a good job in delivering the NEBOSH IGC course. Quality wise, I would give them a BIG THUMBS UP! Thank you TRAINOVATE.

  15. Deleted User

    Thank you trainovate for innovating/improving the review process by introducing e learning. Congratulations Trainovate and more power. Highly recommended…..

  16. John

    Thanks a lot Trainovate. This is a great help indeed for all the fellows specially during this Pandemic days.

  17. Eddie Fabros (verified owner)

    Great course. Great provider. A ladder to your success..

  18. Ismael Eslabon Jr

    Thank you Trainovate for being our e-learning provider. We can learn even from the comfort of our home and doesn’t need to take a leave from work and be able to complete the course. I am truly grateful for your guidance until the day of examination that help me a lot to successfully pass both IG1 and IG2 NEBOSH exam. Thank you Trainovate team.

  19. Jake (verified owner)

    TRAINOVATE is a highly recommended Training provider both Local and International courses. A great experienced and the E-learning strategy was indeed advantage to all aspiring students who’s planning to enroll the course during this pandemic. The quality of all staff and trainers are highly experienced and professional to guide you step-by-steps in every NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC) Elements course. I encourage everyone to aim high and be a part of the team’s success as Safety Professionals from TRAINOVATE.

  20. Jilbert U. Calpito

    A NEBOSH certificate is decidedly the choice of big time employers. Trainovate gives you the platform to obtain a respected credential with their flexy-easy payment scheme. The courses are normally exorbitant but owing to the pandemic, Trainovate slashed as high as 50 percent off. Bar none, as if that is not yet accommodating enough, they also made the test more bearable by offering the open book assessment for IGC1 and IGC2. Hence, you can rely not only on your own understanding but cross reference at any point of the examination–right in the comfort of your own home, or wherever you are via online. I have already passed the exam for both units and I look forward to launch a return to oil and gas once the pandemic is over. I want to say thank you to Trainovate for their innovative approach in making the certification process a breeze despite the scare.

  21. Jessie Lauron Rabanes

    Work.. Study…Work…Study…
    I’m currently employed and one of the Trainovate students who took the E-learning sessions for NEBOSH IGC. I enrolled the E-learning end of May 2020 and after two months I confirmed to took the first batch of NEBOSH OBE dated August 6, 2020. Trainovate has been familiar with me since the name was Trainers in -T-Shirts. As far as I know this is the only training institution in Philippines (at present) accredited by NEBOSH as legal NEBOSH Learning Provider. Correct me if I’m not updated on this but there is already TRUST when I heard Trainovate. Trainers are good and very accommodating even if they are out of duty they will still respond you for any queries about your difficulties during your journey of training. Modules in each element are very informative and useful. I kept on playing those videos when I’m free and when I arrived home I watched Trainovate Youtube Channel by Dr. Wessam Atif. These things add something special in my memory in dealing with series of questions during the OBE . To tell frankly, I can remember first the videos and very easy for me to search which element this question has to be answered. Dedications, Commitment, Trust and Hard Work are the real secrets. To make it short, two days back I received my NEBOSH IGC result with marks more than standard passing rate. Its’ “WITH CREDIT”. Thanks TRAINOVATE team as you are one of the ingredients of my success. More Power and continue to be the right choice !

  22. Michael lopez

    Thank you trainovate in sustaining an adeqaute training and knowledege with regards on the courses given. Hepefully i will pass nebosh examination in order to add ny qualification as a hse professional. Thanks and more power to your company.


    GR81!!! Trainovate Team. I’ve finally attended the NEBOSH IGC through your Brilliant ideas in creating this E-learning Platform. I believed more students will take this one time opportunity especially during this global pandemic crisis. Hats off to all Trainovate members. Stay Healthy and Keep Safe.

  24. Jero Herrera (verified owner)

    Thank you Trainovate for providing an excellent E-Learning platform for us working safety professionals. Most especially nowadays that the whole world is affected by COVID19. You give as the best and safest way to learn. Also the OBE guides that you provided are very helpful for me to pass both IG1 & IG2 exam. Thank you once again and God bless trainovate team!!

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