The Benefits of E-learning in 2020

The benefits of elearning in 2020

The Benefits of E-learning in 2020

by: Karen Caguimbay

E-learning has a lot of benefits, most especially this 2020 that the Internet has played a big role in education, and today’s learning process can be done fast, effortless and convenient through e-learning. Having access to online education doesn’t mean it is better than physical learning, but it does have some advantages. Let’s check the benefits of e-learning in 2020.

Learning at your own pace

One of the benefits of E-learning is you make your own rules! Studying at 9am after your breakfast? Or before working out? Whatever your schedule is, you can choose to learn anytime whenever you feel like it or at any time that suits you. No need to follow strict time rules without feeling too pressured.

Taking the lessons multiple times

Benefits of e-learning in 2020

Having the access to a specific course means you can take it many times. With that being said, you can definitely master that subject by repeating them if you like. It can also help you in retaining information better which makes the rate of effective learning higher.

Studying safely at home

Due to the recent health situation this 2020 because of COVID-19, many schools were temporarily closed. But that doesn’t stop people from learning because of online education and many educational institutions now offer e-Learning programs where you can study safely at the comfort of your own home. E-learning is highly relevant these days, that is why this is considered as one of the benefits of E-learning in 2020.

Boosts productivity

Studying is one form of being productive and improving yourself, and by doing it yourself you have all the control and power to absorb the information, so every effort is valid and considered productive. E-learning can boost your productivity by making you include studying in your daily habits at home.

Helps the environment

With E-learning, the use of papers and books are reduced which lessens the need to cut trees. No need for travelling or driving, this lessens the need of cars. In a study, E-learning has consumed 90% less power and 85% less amount of CO2 compared to school-based learning. With the lesser need of paper and travel, this makes e-Learning as a sustainable and eco-friendly way of learning.

Cost effective

No need to allot money on travel and other necessities that you usually spend on when you attend face-to-face classes. Plus, e-Learning courses are usually more affordable since there are no other fees including trainers fee, course materials, and sometimes accommodation in case the training venue is far. Therefore, you don’t just save money, but also time, and effort.


These are only some of the benefits of e-learning in 2020, and e-Learning is becoming more popular due to the comfort and ease it provide to students, and many people are starting to consider e-Learning due to quarantine protocols caused by COVID-19. But even though a global pandemic has made a huge impact to education, and no matter what study methods you prefer, as long as you love learning then e-Learning is definitely worth a try.

Did you know?


• IBM research found that for every dollar you invest in e-learning, the result is $30 in productivity, mostly because employees save a lot of time through online learning and are able to resume work and apply the new skills faster.

• In a survey by, almost 72 percent of organizations said that online learning is instrumental in enhancing their competitive edge.

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