Why you need to learn the risks of whole-body vibration

why you need to learn the risks of whole body vibration

Why you need to learn the risks of whole-body vibration

by: Karen Caguimbay

According to Healthy Working Lives, “Exposure to vibration could have a negative effect on the health of your employees. It could damage joints, muscles, circulation and sensory nerves.

This could lead to considerable pain, time off or even disability.”

Whole-body vibration is common especially in construction-related workplaces and there definitely are hazards and risks when you work with vibrating machines. But why do you need to learn the risks of whole-body vibration?

To be aware of potential risks

By having the knowledge about what whole-body vibration is about, you’ll definitely be alert when you see a possible health risk to yourself and your co-workers caused by vibration from working with construction equipment such as off-road trucks. In this case, anything that may cause back-pain or musculoskeletal disorders will be avoided.

You will know what to do when someone is experiencing musculoskeletal issues

In case someone is exposed, you can recognize the symptoms and report to the company doctor or nurse right away. Whether the worker needs immediate medical attention or only requires first aid and rest, you can help and do your best to improve the situation and avoid long-term effects to the person experiencing the symptoms.

If you are the worker who is exposed to vibrating equipment, you can work better and more safely

Knowing about the risks of whole-body vibration can help you do your work more carefully by avoiding anything that can do you harm. Since you are the one doing the job, you can monitor yourself and observe your surroundings as well.

Supervise co-workers who are exposed

The same as above, but you are doing it to monitor your co-workers who are doing the job. It is recommended that health surveillance and monitoring are done, because it’s best if all workers remain in good shape and in good health when exposed to heavy work.

It is something all workers should be aware of in general

It may be beneficial to you and your surroundings if proper studying and training are done when you work with vibrating machine and equipment.

Better chance of employment in the field

If you are safety smart, then applying for companies with your specialty, knowledge, and skills can give you a better chance of getting hired. It is important to actually be properly educated and trained. That’s why it is highly encouraged to take safety trainings whether it is physical or online training.

There are more reasons why you should know about the risks of whole-body vibration, but the main point is, if you are working in construction etc., you should definitely learn this topic.

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