5 real world jobs & businesses you can land with online courses

5 Real World Jobs & Businesses You Can Land with Online Courses

by: Joe Arnold

We are currently living through a massive societal shift. We carry an incomprehensible amount of information with us every day in our pockets. Accessing information outside of traditional institutions was already trending before 2020. Then the Covid-19 pandemic sped up the process by a decade or more.

The pandemic forcing the entire world inside made colleges and trade schools to teach remotely. The world learned in a few short months that we had been learning and working the same way before the information revolution.

The diminishing value of college degrees

Now that the barrier to information has crumbled, colleges don’t hold as much power. People who want to improve their situation by obtaining a better job, shouldn’t be forced into tens of thousands of dollars of debt.

A degree doesn’t guarantee success anymore. It is simply a way to communicate to employers that you have obtained certain knowledge. Now that we have access to the internet, job seekers and entrepreneurs can access this knowledge for a fraction of the cost through an eLearning platform and online courses.

Many eLearning platforms offer affordable courses that will prepare you for real work situations. No prerequisite courses, no reason to drown yourself in debt to prepare yourself for a career.

To be honest, several companies interview job applicants who graduated college with business degree but couldn’t give any valuable input to a real life business, and many who graduated with a major in marketing who couldn’t plan a basic marketing campaign. Such is the real life value of many college degrees these days!

In this article, we will demonstrate how eLearning courses, such as Trainovate’s CPD accredited programs can prepare you for your next career, build your knowledge to advance in your current occupation or even start your own business.

Here are 5 jobs and business ideas you can do with eLearning:

Becoming a Safety Officer

Our eLearning platform proudly offers a NEBOSH course for an International General Certificate in health and safety management. This is accredited by the National Board in Occupational Safety & Health (NEBOSH) in the UK.

Safety and health are relevant to every workplace environment. While many more dangerous jobs like construction and engineering require safety certifications, this course can be applied to an array of professional settings. 

Anyone in a management role or looking to start their own business should consider health and safety as one of their top priorities.

NEBOSH is the most trusted safety qualification of its kind in the world. With this extensive 107 step online course served on our eLearning platform, participants will be certified to effectively manage common workplace hazards, assess risks, implement a detailed action plan, and minimize workplace accidents.

Landing a job as a Sales Agent

The ability to sell is a valuable skill. Our online sales course can teach you the necessary skills to land a new job or launch a business selling products face-to-face or online. The course covers how to close more sales, build customer relationships, how to write and utilize a sales script, and other tools that are applicable across all positions.

Jobs in sales are usually commission-based. With the preparation provided by Trainovate, you will be in a position to utilize a tried-and-true sales method that will deliver results.

A certificate with CPD points will even give you a leg up on other applicants looking for a new position as a sales agent or help sell your product or service.

Whether you are looking for a sales position or to try your hand at entrepreneurship, sales is an essential skill. Obtaining clients is one of the hardest aspects of starting a company. With the sales methods taught in our training course, you will be prepared to succeed as a small business owner.

Landing an entry level Job in Business Management

Our training course in management system auditing is designed to prepare future business managers with everything they need to know about the management system auditing process.

The course is catered to personnel who want to build their knowledge so they can succeed in a future management role or if they are looking to start their own company.

All businesses require an auditing management system; let it be quality, safety or environment. Constantly evaluating the company’s policies, contract commitments, and regulatory requirements is essential to keeping a business running smoothly. 

Our Mini-MBA program prepares you for higher level roles in your company and gets you ahead of that next promotion.

Applying for Hotel and Restaurant Jobs

Pre-covid the restaurant business was one of the most brutal industries. Restaurants were among the most affected during the coronavirus lockdowns. Many service industry businesses didn’t survive the pandemic; this opens up the opportunity for future entrepreneurs.

Many of the online courses offered on the Trainovate platform can prepare you for a career or new business venture in the hotel and restaurant space. Our eLearning courses on Health and Safety Management Systems, Managing Risks, and Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene will give you the skills needed to succeed in the service industry.

Starting your Online Advertising Consultancy Business

Starting an agency is a great business with low overhead and huge growth potential. The ability to buy digital ads from technology companies like Facebook and Google are skills that don’t require a college degree and every business desperately needs. Helping companies advertise can easily be done from a laptop and all the knowledge can be obtained online.

Business owners don’t have time to master the FB Ads Manager or Google AdWords. They need knowledgeable marketers to deliver their message to potential customers. Those familiar with these platforms can leverage their knowledge in marketing to create consistent revenue.

The biggest challenge facing new entrepreneurs is landing new clients. With our course Marketing and Lead Generation Essentials, we give you all the necessary skills to consistently sign clients and scale your business.

Take the course along-side The Ultimate Guide to Selling for a comprehensive sales skillset.

The Benefits of eLearning and Online Training

Taking a course with Trainovate can expand your knowledge to help further your professional career without paying for expensive college classes. Our courses give you the information you need to be successful in an easy-to-follow video format.

Trainovate courses are divided into multiple parts and bite sized lessons. You will be given activities, quizzes, and time to study along the way. 

We give our students adequate time to complete the course by allowing access to the platform. All participants are given the ability to contact a course tutor within the time they have access to the course.

Land a Job, Build a Business

Our students range from those looking for an entry-level job, employed personnel with the ambition to advance in their company, and entrepreneurs hungry to consume new skills.

Knowledge is power. The internet has given access to knowledge to anyone with a connection and a laptop. Start your eLearning experience with Trainovate now to expand your abilities with easy-to-follow courses at reasonable prices.